Videography & Photography

Looking for a great way to shoot aerial images & videos?

With the combination of creativity, experience, and quality equipment. We offer professional drone photography and videography services across Victoria, Australia. Using 4K cameras, DSLRs to capture the perfect HD still shots from any angle. We specialise in creative and Promotional videos. Always aiming to take creativity to a whole new level.

Get ready to enter into the world of drone photography and videography with Ascent Creative.

Creative Shooting

Either a simple shoot, small video, or full movie, we will get you amazing stills and footage. With understanding and passion for drones, we create a great photographic image and footage tailored as per your needs.

Construction Progress Updates

Get accurate visual data of sites faster and cheaper than conventional techniques. All of this can be done remotely, saving time and enabling managers to get precise information whenever needed.

Real Estate Photography

A super-easy way to attract customers with amazing drone photography. Create an impression on customers by highlighting property features & get better offers for your residential or commercial real estate.

Solar Panel Inspection​

Solar Panel Inspection

What better way to get your solar panel inspections done? With drone videography, you can get real-time videos to inspect rooftops, diagnose problems or plan for panel placement and save time with a pre-planned way of aerial inspections

Aerial Mapping

Get high-quality aerial stills and imagery to map your location. Simply provide the location you want to get mapped and our team with handle the rest.

Aerial Mapping

Tired of using booms, cranes, zip lines, and dollies?

Doing your aerial shoots yourself can be a daunting task. Also, you may miss something important that should have been taken. It’s always better to get an expert for your aerial shots. Ascent Creative does this job for you, with our dedicated team of experts. 

So you can save your time on aerial shooting and spend it elsewhere.

► We strive to make your experience better by updating our self with latest technologies

► We specialise in creative and commercial drone photography and videography in Australia

► Help you avoid all the stress involved in drone imagery

► Our team of experts are passionate about delivering quality results for you even on tight deadlines

► We aim to get high-quality drone images and videos tailor made as per your needs

► We help save your time in this process with our dedicated team of CASA certified experts

► Help you get the best shots from the sky all tailored with 4K cameras and DSLRs

► Instantly create interest to your website visitors with breath-taking aerial shots

Get your aerial imagery right, be creative with Ascent Creative.

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