Email Marketing

Don't miss out on the power of Email Marketing

If you’re thinking, “Should I be using Email as a marketing tool?”

YES – Why would you want to miss out on the most powerful marketing tool. It’s the birthplace of online marketing.

Fun fact, about 2.5 billion people use Email. That’s 34% of the population and more than 50% of Emails are sent for business purposes.

So, what’s the hesitation?

It’s the most affordable and personalised way of reaching out to a huge audience. Especially for business purposes. Give it another thought – As a customer, how do you receive updates when you buy a product or raise a ticket?

Check out some of the mediums which you could be utilising.


We can run Email marketing campaigns for your business. Email marketing is still one of the most successful means of marketing. 

Our team sends catchy emails that grab the buyer’s attention. Slowly building trust by personalisation and finally giving the call to action.

Email Audit

Email Audit

It’s confusing even for marketers to sometimes understand what’s going wrong with their campaign. They aren’t getting enough conversion or are unable to understand if something is amiss.

With our Email Audit services, we help you find a solution to this problem. We audit the design, copy, frequency, and every aspect of it.

Then give you an audit report, which will let you know the shortcomings in your email campaigns. At the same time, providing suggestions for improvement.

Email Results

If you have a test conducted and would like to share the results through email. We can set this up for you. Email marketing can often be very tricky with complex and dynamic elements. But our experts are thorough in this field, so you can get the best results with no goof ups.

Emaill Results
Email Announcement


Would you like to have an announcement about your new products?

People like to update with the latest products. They signed up for this. We can send email announcements to your consumers to let them know what’s coming next.

We can create announcements for new product releases, pre-order opportunities, special events, or a limited-edition launch.

Birthday Discounts

Everyone likes being wished on their birthdays. What’s interesting is that birthday emails are 4 times as likely to be opened & converted

Not only is it a good way to start communication. It’s predictable, hence can be automated. We can make and send birthday emails that not only have a good vibe but also converts.

Birthday Discounts
Welcome Email

Welcome Emails

Break the ice, with welcome Emails.

We create clear and concise welcome emails to remind customers to signup if they haven’t already. Make them understand what they get when they sign up.

Bringing them on board, welcome emails makes a difference. It’s also important to create a call to action or provide support if they need it.

Shipping Emails

Shipping emails doesn’t sound like a marketing tool, but it can be used as one.

Since most people open these emails, we can convert them to an opportunity

But using a pinch of creativity and proper structure, we can boost customer loyalty, improve the post-purchase customer experience, and establish a unique voice for your brand. We can also sneak in offers for related products.

Shipping Illustration
Email Marketing Melbourne

Other Emails

If you have a custom requirement, let us know. We can provide any email marketing requirement. 

Why choose Ascent Creative

► We strive to build, increase and retain a customer mailing list

► Help grow your business by sending compelling emails to your target audience

► We help you stay connected with your audience with timely emails

► We keep your customers engaged with emails & help you reach out to your customers in real-time

► We save your time with all the daily emailing with our affordable email marketing solutions

► Our aim is to help your business grow by increasing its brand awareness

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel. Just use it.

Utilise the most powerful channel in modern marketing.

Contact us and get a free consultation to start your email marketing journey!