Graphic Design

Graphic Design solutions for your business

If you’re building a business and wondering, “Should I invest in graphic design?”

Ask yourself, “Does my brand need branding?” Undoubtedly, it does and graphic design is an essential part of it.

We make creative designs that transform your branding visions into reality using catchy visuals. Helping you create a lasting impression on all your customers.

Together we create amazing graphics, which express your business and help create a brand out of it. We have had the opportunity to work with various industries across Australia.

We specialise in logo design and brand guidelines that can shape your brand identity. This will pay off big time in the long run, as your business generates awareness and trust, which opens the doors to brand loyalty.

Logo Design

Logo design for different brands varies to a great extent. Some brands need a minimalistic and timeless theme for their logo whereas some modern and trending designs. So if you want a logo designed, we make sure that your logo not only grabs the attention but makes a lasting impression as well.

Graphic Design


Stand out from the crowd; make it easy for the customers to understand your offerings. Let the brochures do the selling for you. We use sales psychology to make creative designs that draw the eye and add a sense of class to your brand.


Flyers are still one of the few marketing tools that been effective for so long. The reason being its cost-effectiveness to announce events or promote your business. Our design team uses their experience to create premium quality flyers that resonate with your objectives.


Infographics are a good way to present any data with attractive visual graphics. Now, you can use them to drive more web-traffic, creating a guide, explain difficult concepts or spread awareness about a cause. Our experts use breakdown the data to create visual patterns that simplifies the message that you’re trying to communicate with your customers.


If your company provides a variety of goods & services, you should consider creating a catalog. We will design catalog themes that resonate with your brand. Moreover, a catalog can do much more than listing your products. It can help create your brand story, resolve pain points, and get the undivided attention of your customers.

Graphic Design Guidelines


Imagine your logo as a tree. Then, the brand guild lines are its roots. We provide you with the guidelines that set your brand apart from the rest. The consistency of images, colours, fonts, tone, and many other aspects are taken to account for this. The top brands understand this, you should too. Don’t try to grow a tree without any roots. Get the brand guidelines that help you get recognised by your customers.

Email Signatures

Email signatures are often neglected, but they’re valuable marketing space that you should utilise. We help create customised email signatures that are creative and communicative. At the same time, they are clickable and call on the recipients to take action. Make an impression with every email you send with your very own custom email signatures.

Email Signature Design
Letterhead Design


Every business understands the importance of letterheads. They are necessary for anything like invoices and formal letters. Our designers focus on keeping it simple yet effective and include in it all essential business information. We recommend that you design letterheads as a part of the uniform stationery set. This improves the branding by adding consistency.

Why choose Ascent Creative

► Our mission is to exceed your expectations and make creative graphic designs that are delivered on time, every time.

► Bring your ideas to life and create a lasting brand identity. Making your customers fall in love with your brand.

► We provide cost-effective solutions to fulfil your needs within your budget.

► Our experienced designers that use a strategic approach that’s customised to your niche market.

Let’s discuss your ideas and make them a reality.