When it comes to spending, customer’s lookout for a business that they trust or had a positive experience previously. The website being the primary point of contact has always played a crucial role in the customer journey.

The customer journey is the overall experience that customers go through when interacting with your business. So instead of looking at only a part of the process, businesses today need to enhance the customer experience throughout the interaction with your business. With the online presence making more and more impact on sales, we need to ensure the best customer experience through all possible means.

Businesses today are optimising their website to improve the customer journey and make it as easy & smooth as possible. Let’s take a look into some of the best ways to improve the customer journey:

Site Audit

Every time a customer visits your website for any reason, they take with them an experience. Companies today are focusing more and more on improving customer experience. Through a website audit, we can identify the gaps in the journey and find out if something can be done better.

Website auditing is a way of thinking from the customer’s point of view. What would you do if you were a customer? Understanding customer psychology is the key to making improvements in the customer journey. Helping you create a list of changes that can improve customer experience and hence customer loyalty.

Finding Your Target Audience

The target audience can be identified by creating an ideal buyer persona. Start by finding answers to these questions:

What needs does your product or service fulfil?

What problems can it solve?

Who is most likely to face these problems?

Other factors include customer demographic, age, etc. By knowing who the target audience is, businesses can tailor their website to enhance the customer journey for them.

Competitor research

It’s always a good idea to keep track of the competition. Knowing what competitors are doing can help find the areas where your business is lacking. Analysing a competitor’s website is the easiest way to identify where your website is lacking. Check out for the following things on your competitor’s website:

How is the overall design compared to your website? Check out the colour scheme, design template, icons, image quality, and mobile optimisation.

How is the overall communication and tone? Do they have blogs, newsletters, email lists and regular promotions?

How is the call to action, is it more compelling than your website?

How easily can customers contact them? Is the support responsive & how long does it take for them to respond?

This helps you identify areas where your website is lacking to provide a good customer experience and how you can improve it.

Make design drafts

Design drafts to ensure that there is consistency in your website. Design consistency makes an impact on the customer experience. The tone and message should remain consistent throughout all communication.

A good design reduces the effort required by customers to understand your message. Making it easier to interact with the website and reduces the steps required to make a conversion.

Hence making your website more user-friendly and enhancing the customer journey, thereby increase conversions.

Implement Changes

Finally, once you’re done with all the analysis it’s time for implementation.

Following all the suggestions in the site audit report is the final step to improving the customer journey. Correct the site errors, improve the design and make the required changes that are suggested by auditors.

This will help improve your site speed, search rankings, security, trust leading to conversions, and a better web presence for your business.

The Conclusion – Website optimisation, if done systematically can take your brand communication a step ahead. So, if you’re still thinking, “Do I really need a site audit or site optimisation?” The short answer is YES!

Kickstart your website optimisation process with our website auditing services and let your business reap the benefits of having a loyal customer base. To know more, contact us today!  

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