Email campaigns are a sequence of emails that are sent to a large audience. They are used to communicate with many people simultaneously. Sending them valuable content, newsletter, or promotional offers.

Being the largest medium for business communication, it allows developing trust with customers. Marketing using emails is easier than other forms and is one of the best means of making conversions.

Email campaigns increase brand awareness, build customer relationships, and promote customer loyalty.

Is it still effective?

Yes! In fact, it’s the most effective tool for marketing.

Many people think email marketing is dead. But studies have shown the consistency of email marketing is higher than tools of marketing.

While sending out emails to random receipts would not work. An email list has to be build using various channels. Then there should be segmentation – categorizing them depending upon their interests.

It takes some effort to get data like customer interest, but its payoffs big time. The key is to send fewer emails, but to a targeted set of people.

Building an Email List

There are various ways to build an email list:

Pop-up on your website – Creating pop-ups will remind the users to sign up for regular content. It works better if you offer a guide or downloadable content if they sign up. Also, try using creativity in the call to action and describe the value you provide. Let the users know exactly what they get ex. Say “Download my e-book now” instead of “Signup” or “Download”.

Create landing pages – Adding many landing pages to your website helps you personalize content to meet the customer’s need. Instead of common content, users get to see specialized content based on their interests. This makes them more likely to sign up.

Using blog posts– At the end of your blog post include a call-to-action. If people have read your entire content they liked it, so they are more likely to sign up for more.

Using social media – Make use of your social media audiences; encourage them to signup, wherever appropriate.

Using lightbox popup – You can use a lightbox popup as a signup prompt when someone is leaving your site. This gives you one last opportunity to ask for their email before they are off your site.

Using scroll box – Scroll boxes pop up when users have scrolled down a certain point. It useful because the visitor is interested and reading your content. Making use of scroll box gets you higher rate signup than regular popups

Bulk mail options

In email marketing, you need to send bulk emails. This is not practical to do using regular email providers. Using specialized tools we can manage the campaigns, build sequence emails, and most important of all – Segment the audience.

Here is a list of some of the useful tools you could use to send bulk emails:

  • HubSpot – Used for inbound marketing
  • Mailchimp – Works best for new businesses
  • ConvertKit – For e-commerce businesses
  • Sendinblue – Best for customer engagement
  • Omnisend – Used mostly by e-commerce platforms
  • SendPulse – Has easy drag and drop features
  • MailerLite – Provides Cost-effective solution

They all have different functions and pricing. Selecting needs to done according to the requirements of the business.

Email design drafts

Have you ever unsubscribed from emails?

Chances are that you probably have. Because bombarding emails leads to blocking, getting unsubscribed, or even flagged as spam.

The solution is to send quality emails to interested people, instead of sending annoying bulk emails.

Make a draft email that is strategic, well written, creative, and has a call to action. Many people make the mistake of not having a click-worthy call to action. It’s a wasted effort because after all, your aim to make people take action.

Use colours and designs that are appealing and generate interest in the content to make your campaign effective

Testing & updating strategy

Once you are ready with the email sequences. Test them.

This ensures there are no goof-ups and lets you view it from the customer’s point of view.

Finally, if you’re running a successful campaign don’t just leave it. Update it from time to time. It’s a good idea to have fresh email lists and remove the bogus email addresses, to have a highly engaged audience.


Emails are affordable and widely used today than they have ever been before.

Listen to your audience, check how they are engaging with your emails and how well it’s converting. Learn from your mistakes and strive to continuously improve.

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