Photography & Videography

Pocket-Friendly Photography and Videography Solutions

Want brilliant Photography and Videography that’s pocket friendly?

Tell a story, preserve a moment with your loved or capture memories that last forever.

Ascent creative offers photography services with a team made up of professional photographers that will help you take high-resolution photos and videos for personal and commercial purposes.

Having quality HD photos and videos has become a must for capturing and engaging your online visitors. Professionally shot photos make a huge impact while building trust online.

Check out our photography and videography services:

Real Estate Photography

Want to make more money on your real estate sales?

Several studies have shown that homes with high-quality photos not only sell faster but also sell at a higher price. It’s because buyers today, research the property online before contacting the seller.

Create an impression on customers by highlighting your property features & get better offers for your real estate.

Business Photography

Business Photography

Business photography is used by both large and small companies to promote their brand. With business photography, you can set the visuals of your brand’s identity. We offer services for professional portrait and headshots of staff, office, event photography, etc. 

Such photos often impress clients and investors. You can also use it to showcase the culture of your company. These photos can also be used on websites, brochures, marketing copies, social media platforms, reports, etc.

Product Photography

Want to have a product listing that makes people click?

A product image is the first thing a customer sees and if it’s not up to the mark, you lose a sale.

We deliver premium quality photos and videos for your products, which helps increase your sales. Get your products photographed with our professionals and maximise your product sales.

Product Photography
Location Photography

Location Shooting

A location shoot can be very different from studio shoots. But not everything can be done in a studio. With strict adherence to a schedule and willingness to adapt. We can capture the beauty of life outdoors. Striking the perfect balance between artificial and ambient light, we leave nothing behind.

Social Media photography

When it comes to delivering your message to your followers, we have creative and talented professionals that exceed your expectations.

If you have a brand, we can capture diverse social media content that has a lasting impact on your consumers.

Social Media Photography
Food Photography

Food Photography

Think about it – What do customers look for before ordering a meal?

Customers are 3x more likely to order food from your restaurant if you have mouth-watering photos. With professional food photography, we can make your branding and marketing skyrocket. Our team gets you gorgeous and tempting food images, which drives-in customers.

Promotional Videos

Lights, camera, and action. We have a good production planning team and we can shoot promotional videos for your business. Ascent Creative has creativity at its core. We find various creative ways to make promotional videos for your business.

If you are looking to make small video clips to longer videos, we can do this for you. With the combination of a creative team and the latest videography equipment, we make your brand storytelling exceptionally good.

Why choose Ascent Creative?

► We provide cost-effective photography and videography solutions

► We are flexible and so you can opt for full-day or half-day photoshoots

► We have the latest professional camera, lens kits, and shooting equipment

► Team of professionals that understand your needs and plans shoots accordingly

► With creative shooting we make your brand stand out from the crowd

► We do the photo/video editing, retouching, etc. By providing end-to-end services, we keep you worry-free


We all heard the century-old phrase, “A picture is worth a thousand words”.

With our professional videography & photography – We bring the focus to your business.

Are you ready to take this leap?