Social Advertising

Reach out to the world with Social Advertising

Struggling to reach out to your target audience?

With effective social advertising, we create and deploy clickable ads to reach your target audiences. We use social media platforms, messaging apps, and other websites. Using these platforms to run social advertising campaigns, we aim to build your brand awareness, generate leads to improve sales.

Social advertising is particularly effective at driving engagement and conversions. These platforms are highly personalised so we can get highly accurate user data. Enabling us to target our buyer persona & demographics on the basis of their past behaviour and purchase history.

The end result is that we get a completely new audience to try out your brand.

Influencer Marketing

With influencer marketing, we can help bring customers to your brand. We target a very specific audience that perfectly suits your ideal buyer persona. We use a targeted approach to buyer persona like demography, age, particular interests.

This makes it highly relevant to the audience, so you get a higher rate of conversion.

We reach out to potential customers through influencers using relevant social media platforms. 

Brand Strategy

Google Ads

Being the world’s largest and most popular Pay Per Click advertising platform. Google AdWords has become a staple for paid ads.

We can run your google ads campaigns for your business with targeted keyword advertisements. Our experts optimize the keywords and phrases so you get the highest ROI. Finding new customers and generating leads for your business.

Social Media Ads

Using social media Ads, we strive to improve your brand’s recognition

By consistent efforts in social media marketing, we can enhance results through social media Ads. It’s a known fact, that people are more likely to recommend your brand to friends and family if they are familiar with your brand.

Apart from it, once they’re attached to the brand through social media will increase conversion rates and also improving your webpage rankings indirectly.

Brand Development
Brand Naming

Social Campaigns

We at Ascent Creative have experts that can run social media campaigns. These campaigns are the key to building brand awareness.

Unlike conventional media platforms, your brand can get in front of the right people easily. Another benefit being that your audience doesn’t get a pushy feel of marketing. It’s rather a smooth conversion cycle that engages the buyer.

We help you tell Your Brand’s Story and generate an engagement with your audience

YouTube Ads

As per statistics, people today love videos over any other form of content. And YouTube has over 2 billion monthly visitors.

YouTube advertising is another cost-effective way to promote your business directly. The PayPerClick model is what makes it an extremely cost-effective strategy because you only pay when someone clicks your ad.

Brand Rollout
Brand Guidelines

Apple Search Ads

We help promote businesses with Apple Search Ads (ASA) use. The ads appear on iOS devices i.e. iPhones and iPad. It’s perfect for businesses where mobile applications are important to connect with their audience.

Using the App Store ads also is an amazing way to enter into the iOS market or target Apple users.

Tik Tok Ads

TikTok Ads is a new way of running and experimenting with ads on this platform.

We can set up your TikTok Ads account to create and run ads for you on this platform. Today more brands begin their engagement and use TikTok Ads.

Brand Copywriting
Brand Signage

Digital Poster

What is a digital poster?

In simple words, a digital poster can be displayed on a screen instead of being printed.

We can provide digital posters to showcase your brand. We utilise various digital platforms to create and promote your digital posters

Why choose Ascent Creative

► We make your brand popular by connecting with people who need your product.

► Using the various social media platforms, we reach out to a wide range of audiences from millennials to adults of any age.

► Increase your website traffic with targeted ads.

► Help boost your sales by running successful social media marketing campaigns.

► Save your money. By optimising the ads, pay as little as possible, and keep your ROI as high as possible.

► We help you can gain real insight into ads performance and how your audience is engaging with it in detail.

Make your mark on social media. Increase your brand presence and drive sales.

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