Ever wondered why businesses spend millions on social advertising?

Social media advertising is very versatile and targeted. Especially for small businesses advertising on social media is very lucrative. It can be done on a small budget and yet yield results. The best part being, one can get instant results from the campaigns and achieve their goals.

Many marketers today prefer social media to reach out to their audience. It is a known fact that businesses that use social advertising are far more likely to be successful than competitors.

What is social advertising?

Social advertising is a tool to target audiences by creating ads. Using creativity to make them clickable and communicating efficiently to get a higher return on investment.

You can use social media platforms to run campaigns to increase sales, lead generation, or increasing brand awareness.

The advantage is huge for businesses. Information such as demographics, interests, past purchases etc. can be used to find target audience. The targeting works precisely even if the targeted audience is unfamiliar with the brand.

Moreover, the consistency in sales is impressive and results can be seen from the very first day.

Available platforms


With the largest user base of 2.45 Billion users, they are currently dominating the social ads market. Many businesses are having the highest ROI on Facebook. Millions of marketers are using Facebook Ads to get more sales and expand their outreach.


As a professional networking site that has more than 760 million users. It works best for B2B marketing as most LinkedIn users are in a position of decision making. It has a high cost per click and returns vary depending upon the nature of the business.


71 % of Pinterest users are female. It’s suitable for photography, clothing, cooking, and creative businesses. Pinterest is used to get shopping ideas and to discover new items. This makes it favourable for e-commerce stores and other related businesses.


Instagram has more than 1 Billion monthly active users. More than 50% of Instagram users follow brands they love. Ads need to be highly visual and costs between $0.20 to $2 per click and $6.70 per 1000 impressions.

Efficiency and ROI

Advertising on social media is generally pocket friendly but requires skills. The effectiveness of ads and ROI depends on creativity and proper targeting. Hence there are managers that specialize in social media marketing.

The key to efficiency in Social advertising is to build a strategy and adding creativity into it. This can be done for increasing sales or for building a subscriber base.

It’s easy to target customers with specific interests, set budgets, and modify ads to make them better, instantly.

The experts often use the advantage of retargeting customers to get better ROI. And use A/B testing to see which ads perform better.

Using specific steps to create relevant ads and then updating them with time to ensure higher ROI.

How to choose the right platform

Businesses have different needs and need to choose a platform that can serve their requirements well.

First, the purpose of Advertising should be clear. It can be to bring sales, spreading awareness, lead generation, increasing traffic, etc.

Here are some things you should consider:

Nature of Business – Consider the general nature of business and audience persona. Some platforms will suit your business better than others.

Budget for Advertising – You can either have a fixed budget or set daily limits. Regardless, having control over budget is crucial to not overspend on ads that don’t work.

Type of Ad – What will be formats of ads (Image, text or video)? You choose to pay per impression or use the pay per click model, depending on your goals.

Target Audience – Check out which platforms your target audience uses. Factors such as age, gender, income, education, and interests also need to be considered.

Business Goals – Have well-defined goals that you wish to achieve from the ads.  It can be to increase sales, raise brand awareness, get website traffic, etc.


Starting social advertising is easy. Creating ads that will be successful and makes revenue, requires strategy and expertise.

Using social advertising can make a big impact on your business. Helping you reach out to a completely new audience that you never knew existed.

Are you using social media for advertising?                             

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